I am walking the GR 412 – Sentier des Terrils.
There are a lot of terrils (slag heaps) in Belgium, about 740 in Wallonia alone, mostly lying on the Liege ­— Charleroi — Mons — Lille axis. The GR 412 follows this axis.

Below is a list of terrils my walk put me on, or directly next to. There are many more I have seen.

The list will be updated as my walk progresses.

A full list of terrils (about 740) is available on the Geoportail Wallonia.
A map is visible on terril.be, as well as a searchable list.

The altitude data in this table is eyeballed from the Geoportail Wallonie.

DateNameAlt (above ground)Alt (above sea level)ClimbedNotes
114-12-2019Argenteau Nouveau (Blegny)46216noclimbed on 20-7-2019
214-12-2019Argenteau Ancien
37207noclimbed on 20-7-2019
315-12-2019Xhawirs 1286no
415-12-2019Xhawirs 2279no
515-12-2019Xhawirs 313270yes
615-12-2019Bas Bois16249yes
715-12-2019Micheroux 2 (aka Pansery)23269yes
815-12-2019Micheroux 1
(aka Retinne or Hasard)
91351yesHighest terril above sea level
1015-12-2019Quatre Jean27257yes
1115-12-2019Violette83yesOn a hill with altitude 64-116m
128-2-2020Belle Vueyes
148-2-2020Petite Bacnureyes
158-2-2020Batterie Ancienyes
168-2-2020Batterie Nouveauyes
178-2-2020Ste-Barbe et Tonneyes
188-2-2020Sainte Margueriteyes
209-2-2020Gosson 2yes
219-2-2020Gosson 1yes
239-2-2020Bonnier-Péryyesdid not reach summit
249-2-2020Coq Valentinyes
259-2-2020Makets ancienyesdid not reach summit
269-2-2020Champ d’Oiseauxyes

I hand-guessed the altitudes from the Geoportail, adding the following layers:

  • Relief de la Wallonie – Modèle Numérique des Pentes 2013-2014 classifié,
  • Relief de la Wallonie – Modèle Numérique de Surface (MNS) 2018 – Photogrammétrique
  • Terrils (Version 2018)

Then eyeballing the highest point and calculating the height above ground by averaging four points around the terril. But a flattened terril on a slope can give an exaggerated height. So I changed the value to what I beleived was a natural one.

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