Upgrading, no, Killing my media PC

I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 as media centre, with beamer attached.It played most movies well, but some stuttered. It turned out this box doesn’t have the oomph to play movies. Adding a graphics card would help that. Today, I tried to add that graphics card, succeeded, and about 3 minutes afterwards, killed this pc.

Installing WordPress Multisite with different domains

I own a few domains: IIVQ.net (this has always been the host for my e-mail-domain), citrastructurae.net and it’s brother xn--citrastructur-ggb.net (see) and urbanandrural.net. I made a few posts on citrastructuræ, but wanted to keep that page for it’s subject while also writing about the tinkerings I do, mainly to serve as a memory to myself …